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Currently it is estimated that there are 10 million adults affected by an allergy, a figure that could reach 30 million in the coming years. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have specialists in Allergology arriving at the correct diagnosis and treatment of diseases of each patient.


Allergy Unit has large batteries of allergens for the diagnosis of allergic environmental, food, drug and disease contact (skin allergy) and specific allergens batteries professionals to diagnose allergic diseases of occupational origin. To help achieve the most accurate diagnosis possible, we have advanced laboratory techniques developed in recent years, among which molecular studies. In allergic diseases it is important to make the diagnosis in the early stages of the disease so as to achieve better control of symptoms preventing progress and aggravation.


The treatment of allergic disease will always be individualized for each patient and directed to the appropriate control of allergic symptoms. Today we have several safe and effective for therapeutic alternatives, if not curing the disease, a significant reduction in symptoms that improves the quality of life of patients. Immunotherapy with antigens, commonly called "vaccine" is the specific treatment for the patient to tolerate exposure to the agent responsible for allergic disease, preventing other symptoms develop. Recently it has also been developed with monoclonal antibody therapy applications in the field of Allergology for curing symptoms in specific patients.

Allergies treated in Unit

This unit has the most advanced tools to arrive at an accurate and reliable diagnosis of allergic diseases:

Food allergy and food additives industry.

Drug allergy.

Environmental allergies (mites, fungi, pollen ...).

Skin allergy (dermatitis, urticaria).

Occupational or work-related (baker's asthma, dermatitis in hairdressers, cleaners dermatitis ...) allergy

Radiological contrast allergy (See more information about the Study Hypersensitivity to Contrast)

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